Summer Reading Challenge So Far! At Harlington Library

Well, it’s been a busy start to Record Breakers, the Summer Reading Challenge here at Harlington Library. We have joined children from 15 schools as well as our own 3 local primary schools.

Our first finisher was Kareena, who finished on Friday 17 July.


Next came Zoolab. Parents and children alike were fascinated and in some cases a teensy bit scared of Cruella the Chilean Rose Tarantula, Kate the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Margaret the Giant African Millipede, Trevor the Corn Snake and Usain Bolt the Giant African Land Snail.

spider     zoolab

The Paper Doll Challenge was very popular with 253 paper dolls coloured in and cut out by our enthusiastic children.


Our wonderful children continue to be enthusiastic and have now transferred that enthusiasm to the Starjumps Challenge.

Watch this space – with more to follow from Harlington Library!

By Debbie

Meet the Starborgs – Sonar

Record Breakers logo for webName: Sonar

Age: 10 Years

Gender: BoySonar

Habitat: High tech Bat Cave

Artist: Sophie Holmes

Bio: Sonar is a super secret spy bat. He likes to listen in on other peoples conversations and can even listen to telephone calls with his amazing hearing. He sleeps all day but at night he is very busy investigating, he hangs upside down in trees pretending to be a purple leaf and spy’s on unsuspecting suspicious individuals.

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Paper Doll Challenge at Ruislip Manor Library


Ruislip Manor Library had a full house for the Paper Dolls Event on the 23rd of July. Both parents and children got involved in playing the Paper Dolls game plus every one got a chance to design and create their very own paper doll.

So far all of the young Ruislip Manor Readers are enjoying the Summer Reading Challenge, including our mini-challenges and our super fun events!
RM 1         RM 2

Paper Doll Challenge at Manor Farm Library

MF 116 children enjoyed a Paper Dolls Workshop at Manor Farm Library. They listened to the story ‘Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson and then played a game to dress and decorate their own doll. They rolled dice to choose outfits to create their own uniquely dressed colourful dolls. The children had fun playing together, taking turns and sharing ideas. It was great to have such a creative atmosphere for everyone involved.
During the week we took part in the ‘Paper Dolls Challenge’. The children who visited the library decorated 370 dolls, using felt pens,colouring pencils, crayons and tissue paper. Everyone is different. Come and see them holding hands all the way around the junior library!
By Barbara from Manor Farm Library
MF 2
                MF 3                            MF

Meet the Starborgs – Hoppertron

Record Breakers logo for web

Name: Hoppertron

Age: 1 and a half


Habitat: The Sofa

Artist: Rosemary Marchant

Bio: Being a rabbit Hoppertron is certainly not the brightest animal you will ever meet. She is often found with her head stuck between the cushions on the sofa searching for food that she has already eaten. Being a very timid creature her bionic gold foot comes in handy as she can spring away from anything that frightens her, such as a suspicious looking carrot or big hairy spider. Hoppertron’s favourite thing to do is curl up on the sofa and hope that nobody notices she is there.

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ZooLab at Harefield Library!

ZL 6

On Friday 24th July Harefield Library hosted the fantastic Zoo Lab and had 20 children come along with their parents to check out all the creepy crawlies!

Everyone gathered in the hall next to the library and Jenny from Zoo Lab got out all of her creatures and put them on a heat mat on the table behind her. She had with her:

  • Usain Bolt the Giant African Land Snail
  • Cruella the Chilean Rose Tarantula
  • Kate the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
  • Margaret the Giant African Millipede
  • Trevor the Corn Snake

All the children sat in a circle as each creature was passed around for them to touch or just get a good look at. Jenny made sure that everyone knew all the important facts about each creature and we all went away having learnt something new.

Everyone afterwards thought the event was awesome and would like to see more events like this!

Here is Jenny holding Trevor, Katie holding Margaret and Naomi touching Kate!

ZL 2ZL 3ZL 5

Meet the Starborgs – Nellytron

Record Breakers logo for webName: Nellytron

Age: 15yrs

Gender: GirlNellytron

Habitat: Electro Jungle

Artist: Sophie Holmes

Bio: Nellytron is a Gentle Giant, she loves peace and tranquillity and enjoys regular Yoga and Meditation. This helps her escape from the hustle bustle of the Electro Jungle and helps her get in touch with her inner being.

She enjoys a healthy diet of Fruit and vegetables, in particular she likes sucking fruit smoothies up through her trunk.

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Paper Doll Challenge at Botwell Green Library

20150724_161205_resizedToday, Botwell Green Library in Hayes held the paper doll challenge; where children drew and coloured in paper dolls so they can all be joined together, to break the record for the longest paper doll chain.

We had roughly 23 children participate in today’s challenge. All participants were creative and imaginative when making their paper dolls. We had different designs like stripes, polka dots, swirls and other interesting and unique patterns on the clothes of our paper dolls. The children who participated were open to a wide variety of colouring supplies including, felt tip pens, crayons and coloring pencils. The atmosphere in the library was really positive as children and parents bounced off their creative choices and ideas with one another.

By looking at the paper dolls, it’s evident that each individual child took their time in making their paper dolls look cool as possible. The activity was a fun and creative one and all the children that participated were very excited about breaking a record. This excitement and energy made the challenge even more entertaining.
Some parents also got involved in the activity and helped their younger children with their paper dolls and clearly, they too enjoyed the activity. Both children and parents had a great time in making their paper dolls.
Overall, today’s paper doll challenge was super successful, as both the parents and the children enjoyed making and designing their paper dolls. The overall masterpieces look amazing and hopefully, the children’s paper dolls will help the Hillingdon Libraries, in unofficially, breaking the record for longest paper doll chain.

Written by Diya Chopra, Library Volunteer.

Meet the Starborgs – Finnegan

Record Breakers logo for webName: Finnegan

Age: 10Finnegan


Habitat: Cities

Artist: Rosemary Marchant

Bio: Finnegan the shark was able to emerge from the ocean ten years ago when he was created with a water tank on his back and a helmet on his head. He is not the smartest of the starborgs, nor the most frightening but he always has a big toothy grin on his face. Finnegan’s favourite hobby is to play practical jokes on people. Unfortunately, due to being a great white shark, people normally run from him in fear as soon as he appears.

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