Super Starborg Origins Creative Writing at Ruislip Manor Library

Rm 3Imagine vast underwater cities , aliens from outer space and epic battles,  well that is just a taster of the wonderful stories the children at Ruislip Manor library created during the Starborg Origins Creative Writing Workshop.

Rm 1The children chose a favourite Starborg and found the card and colouring picture that represented  that character , they then coloured their picture and could make it into a stick puppet or mobile if they wanted to.

Rm 2Then onto the exciting part where there imaginations could run wild ! They planned their stories before writing them , thinking about the format and plot of the story. This workshop was about how the Starborgs came to be , where did they live and who were they before they became half robot half cyborg ! The children were so imaginative, and the stories they wrote were absolutely brilliant ! Some stayed close to home and included Ruislip in the story , others wrote about outer space but all were fantastic !

RMWe ended the session by all voting in the Starborg elections , if this workshop is anything to go by I might have an idea who could be in with a good chance of winning ! The most popular Starborg with the children at this event was ………….ahhhh now that would be telling we will all have to wait for the election results for that !

Rm 4                           Rm 6

By Sharon – Ruislip Manor Library



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