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Guess what?  I’ve been to the library for my SIXTH visit and I’ve FINISHED The Summer Reading Challenge!  Look what I’ve got for doing it – a certificate and MEDAL!  And look at all the sfuff I’ve been collecting through the summer holidays.

Summer Reading Challenge Gifts

Summer Reading Challenge Gifts

The book I returned was Five Children and It by E Nesbit.  It was written in 1902 – over a hundred years ago!  But it’s easy to understand and you can see how kids used to live in those days.  Boys had to wear funny short trousers called Five Children and Itknickerbockers!  But the story is great.  it’s about two brothers, two sisters and their baby brother (that’s the five children) who find a strange creature called a sand fairy (the ‘It’)  The sand fairy can grant wishes, but the children aren’t very good at
wishing for sensible things and their wishes lead them into all sorts of trouble.  In those days, kids were allowed out and they even have to take their baby brother with them sometimes.  It’s not surprising they got into a lot of trouble, but I think it was much for fun in those days.  I wish I could meet a sand fairy to grant me a wish!  What would you wish for?

From Me – D.Trump

P.S You can borrow my awesome books from the library!

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