Hillingdon 50th Anniversary Events at Botwell Green Library

BGTo celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hillingdon, Botwell Green Library remembered what life was like during the 1960’s.

On Friday 11th September  2015 we explored crochet and needlework, that was typical for the 60’s and the Hayes Women’s Group prepared some beautiful items for our display.
BG 7
Our main event was held on Saturday 12th September 2015 when we opened our doors to over 900 visitors, who joined us for our family fun day.
And what fun we had!!!!!!!
BG 4
We celebrated our twin towns in France and Germany and shared some delicious French and German food. We listened to 60’s music, played on an original 1960’s record player. There were various displays, exploring Fashion, Music, Books and Hillingdon’s local History. Children could play 1960’s sport games, including Hula Hoop, Space Hoppers and Elastic jumping and not to forget the famous 1960’s Pop Art. Some of our younger visitors created an amazing pop art display, which gave us a glimpse into the past.
BG 2    BG 1
By Franka (Botwell Green Library)

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