Halloween ‘Design a Monster’ Workshop!

IMG_2974The ‘Design A Monster’ Workshop was a Halloween themed illustration workshop at Uxbridge Library. I wanted  to get the kids thinking creatively. At the start of the activity we shared ideas by drawing on a flip-chart, mixing different creatures together.They came up with new and interesting monsters by sharing ideas in front of each other and discussing what habitat they could be from and what we could call them. One child did a lovely drawing of a creature with a ducks head, The wings of a parrot, the body of a furry bear and the legs of a horse. It looked great and it was certainly original! I got them to present their horrific monsters to the group and share how they came up with their ideas. I think it was a great success and we had one girl say she ‘came up with the best creature ever!’.

This is one of the many events that Hillingdon Libraries have been running throughout the month of October all to do with Culture Bite! Our very first annual celebration of all things Arts & Culture. There has been a fantastic uptake, especially at our family events.

IMG_2973             IMG_2972

By Akbar Ali (UXbridge Library)


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