Staff Review: A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones

modernThis cookbook is AMAZING! It says on the cover, over 200 satisfying, every day vegetarian recipes (that will make you feel amazing), and that is not a lie!
I’m not a full time vegetarian, however for the last 6 months I’ve been attempting to eat completely vegetarian at least three or four days of every week and this book has really helped. Anna Jones creates some beautiful and accessible recipes, which look gorgeous and taste even better. If you are just starting out eating vegetarian, granted there will be some new ingredients that you will have to search out, however as a British author all the ingredients are easily found in your local grocery store.
I especially love her “How to’s” where she offers quick suggestions and processes for making things like pestos, hummus or salads, allowing you to have some fun and be creative while ensuring you are making a balanced and tasty dish.
There is also a beautiful selection of sweet things at the end, just note, this is NOT a diet book and there is sugar in there. However for the most part, she substitutes with natural ingredients such as honeys and syrups as well as slightly more out there ingredients like agave or coconut sugar. She also dedicates pages to finding the right sweetener, or flour for your baking or cooking, detailing the merits of each and how they are best used.
Jones has really written an informative, fun, beautiful cookbook. I’ve tried so so so many of the wonderful recipes and each reaction is YUMMMM, I’m so making this again!!
by Amanda (Ruislip Manor library)

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