Cover of the week

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

wonder struck backThere is an eye staring at me. This is what drew me to this beautiful book, an eye staring at me from the spine. Being such a hefty book there is plenty of space for the richly coloured illustration of a young girl that wraps the back cover and spine of this book. The front cover is a startling contrast, blue against the orange of the back cover design, picturing lightening striking a town.

Admittedly it was the wonder struck frontauthor’s name that drew me to search this book out. Selznick’s (also the books illustrator) books may be classed as children’s fiction but their beautiful illustrations make them a joy to read. This is not a picture book, nor is it a graphic novel, it is a story told in silent pictures and written chapters. Selznick’s previous book, ‘the Invention of Hugo Cabret’ was transformed into a highly successful film by Martin Scorsese in 2011. It is easy to see why Selznick’s imagery inspires people. I must also admit that I probably prefer the cover of ‘the Invention of Hugo Cabret’, but ‘Wonderstruck’ was the book that jumped out at me this week.

The story focuses on two characters, Ben, whose story is told in words and Rose, whose story is told in pictures. The detail and tone of the pencil drawings is what draws me inside this book.

Read an interview with the author here or visit the Wonderstruck website.


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