Cover of the Week

Ostrich by Matt Greene (Cover by Nathan Burton Design)

Ostrich Matt Greene egeI love the bold orange design on this cover by Nathan Burton. The simple colour scheme is one of the things that really makes this book stand out. This bold style is very popular with publishers at the moment (Fault in Our Stars, Wonder, We are all Completely Beside Ourselves etc.). The humour in this cover is great; the giant ostrich egg appears acts as a moon or sun suggesting a serious story that will have
humour embedded in the text.

This was not first cover of the book. The hardback publication of Ostrich carried the cover to the right, of the camera flash, still against a bold orange background. Both covers were designed by Burton, so why the change between the hardback and paperback? I can only speculate that the paperback design was later deemed to be more relevant to the book. The ostrich matt greene ostrich
egg in the background clearly links to the novel’s title whereas the camera probably relates more to the story. Both carry the same colour scheme meaning that it does not appear as a separate book. It is very probable that Burton was required to change the colour of the second cover to achieve this.

Nathan Burton’s designs all burst with colour and simple shapes. I love this info graphic style that communicates so much about a book with so little detail in the image. Many of his designs are reminiscent of 1920’s poster designs with patterned text and art-deco borders. His use of typography is carefully considered and adds to the overall success of his design.

Read a review of the book here


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