Budding Writers at Botwell!

For National Storytelling week Botwell Green Library ran a  250-300 word story-writing competition for children. 12 children took part and it was a really close call but the winner was 7 year old Jaslyn Gill!

In fact we loved her story so much we have put it up on our blog – enjoy!


Charlotte and the Witch

by Jaslyn Gill age 7


Once upon a time there was a girl called Charlotte and she was having a party with her animal friends. Their names were Charlie, Isabelle, Archie and Posh.

After that it was lunchtime and they all had lunch together on one big table.

Suddenly there was a FLASH!!! And a CRASH!!! There was a witch and she was in disguise. She was dressed up as a princess and then she said, “Come to my castle” and Charlotte said ,“Okay then”, as she was very pretty. After they had got there Charlotte asked, “Why does it look like a witch’s house?” and the witch said, “Ummmm… because I forgot to take down my halloween decorations”.

When they got inside the witch quickly turned her cage invisible. Then the witch very quickly locked her in the cage and she cackled so loud that Charlotte’s animal friends could hear her.

So they all came running to the witch’s house, but before they could go in they saw that the door was locked. The witch had made the key invisible. They already knew that because they looked through the window and heard her say that she turned the key invisible. So they all stood on top of each other and just poured some paint over the windowsill and then they found the key and they opened the door.

They quickly took Charlotte out and she saw the magic wand and she had a plan.

She got the wand and turned the witch into a fly and her animal friends took her home.


The End



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