Young Carers Step into New Worlds Through Sculpture

IMG_343815 March 2016From 5-7 April, awardwinning creative arts charity Create will take three full days of sculpture workshops to young carers attending Hillingdon Carers, Uxbridge, as part of its inspired:arts programme. The group, aged 13-18 will collaborate to produce original sculptural works with Create’s professional sculptor Sheridan Quigley. Many young carers take on a level of responsibility well beyond their years as they look after disabled or unwell family members. Create’s inspired:arts programme looks to provide a space in which young carers can take respite from these caring roles, offering an opportunity to immerse themselves within a creative environment.

IMG_3368Create’s professional artist Sheridan Quigley will be planting the thematic seeds from which the young people’s creative ideas will bloom. The group will be exploring escapist motifs of fantasy worlds and cityscapes to produce their sculptures. With Sheridan describing herself as “an explorer of the matter of the universe, from the microscopic to the intergalactic, the workshops are set to produce some truly outofthisworld sculptures.

According to research undertaken by The Carers Trust, eight in ten young carers report that caring has had a negative impact on their health, with 50% feeling unsupported. Isolation is a frequent risk faced by these young people because the demands of caring can leave them feeling overworked, minimising opportunities to socialise with their peers.

IMG_3380Inspired:arts provides young carers with a chance to meet others from similar backgrounds, to share experiences and to express themselves through the creative arts. It also offers a chance to take an essential break from their caring duties. Through stimulating both imagination and social interaction, engaging in Create’s sessions is a cathartic process for participants.

Create’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Nicky Goulder, commented, Thanks to funding from The Queen’s Trust, Create is able to work with Hillingdon Carers to ensure that young carers are able to access high-quality creative arts workshops that enhance their well-being. The sculpture workshops will provide an opportunity for these young people to make new friends, develop supportive relationships and express themselves. We want these young carers to know that they’re not alone. I hope there are not only sculptures made at inspired:arts but friendships too.

Funder: The Queen’s Trust

About Create

Founded in 2003, Create ( has run 6,113 creative arts workshops that have helped transform the lives of 30,703 disadvantaged and vulnerable participants, mainly as part of sustained, life-changing programmes. Aimed at those who are excluded through disability, disadvantage, ill-health, imprisonment, poverty or social isolation, participants are given access to high-quality creative arts experiences that help them develop confidence, trusting relationships, strong social skills and self-esteem. Every project helps to create a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive.

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