Hillingdon talent celebrates Shakespeare at Uxbridge Library

Nathan from Uxbridge Library brings us the low-down on the Shakespeare Open-Mic night he hosted there last Saturday.

Uxbridge Library celebrated Shakespeare with music, poetry anathannd even a spot of cross dressing on April 23rd!

Our Shakespeare Open-Mic Night was a special edition of the open-mic events we run at the library throughout the year and came 400 years after the Bard passed away. I’d been excitedly compiling a list of performers in the weeks running-up to the night – and I’m pleased to report they all impressed with their talent and enthusiasm!

There was a true sense of theatre in the room as visitors took-on speeches Shakespeare’s plays, including The Merchant of Venice, Measure For Measure and Macbeth. Each speaker brought their character to life, in a real tribute to Hillingdon’s tradition of strong local drama.ethan

Special mention must go to teenage open-mic regular Ethan Beer, whose witty Shakespeare-themed song featured many quotations from the Bard.

Ethan later modestly told me he’d included the famous lines as a way of speeding-up his lyric writing process, but the result was one of the best modern pop songs about Shakespeare I’ve ever heard (and there are more songs in that category than you’d imagine!).


In what must be a first for Uxbridge Library, one performer even tipped his hat to Shakespeare’s famous cross-dressing characters with a spirited drag performance.



No doubt some of our open-mic stars rushed home after the event to watch Shakespeare Live! From The RSC on the telly. We might not have had anyone quite as well-known as David Tennant or Prince Charles at our little Shakespeare anniversary evening, but we certainly had more than our fair share of inspiring local talent!



The library service’s regular open-mic events happen every other month, with the next date set for June 3rd.

Meanwhile, there are exciting Shakespeare talks coming up on both April 29th and May 6th here at Uxbridge Library – check out our events page for all the details. With a fascinating art exhibition about the playwright gracing our atrium space too, it’s set to be Shakespeare-central here on the High Street for some time to come!

Find out more about our regular open mic nights here


One thought on “Hillingdon talent celebrates Shakespeare at Uxbridge Library

  1. Good very late in the evening, Like this web blog-was a librarian 22 years ago in a public school-aged librarian one would declare-like the genre and talk on books and film among other talks.


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