Afternoon Tea with Anna Jacobs

Harefield Library played host to Anna Jacobs on Tuesday 17th May by inviting her and some of our lovely residents over for a very special afternoon tea.

Anna 6

Anna came along with a suitcase full of books and some of her famous Lancashire wisdom for all  25 guests who attended the event in the Harefield Library Hall.

The library staff went all out providing traditional afternoon tea on bone china, with scones, sandwiches, cakes, strawberries and meringues!  Well such a special lady deserves a special treat and as Anna is about to turn 75, she has just released her 75th book! Not bad for a lady who startedAnna 2 writing in her 50’s. The talk she delivered was called “Behind the Scenes with Anna Jacobs” and she talked about her life before she started writing, what inspired her to start her writing career and where she gets all her ideas from.

She made it clear that she does not write “literary” novels but “stories for entertainment”. She wants to write tales to make people feel happy and that why she insists that all of her books have a happy ending. While she may not win any prizes this way she certainly does have a lot of fans.

Anna had a previous career as an editor and while her first draft is often very dirty she admitted that she spends a lot of her time polishing it until it gleams. “If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s polishing” directing the audience to a book that she had published on editing called “Plotting and Editing” that is available as an e-book online.

Anna 7.png

The audience were very interested in how many more books Anna wants to write and she insisted she would keep on writing until she physically can’t do it anymore, as she is addicted to it now. She claimed to be a “heroine” addict and once her characters start telling her their stories all she can do is to write them down.

After the talk there was tea, cake, book signings and lots of memorable conversations with all who attended. The sun decided to come out too – just to round off the day.

If you like the look of this event and would like to know more about the other events Hillingdon Libraries are running please click on this LINK.

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