Evelyn Godfrey Worsley – From Schoolmaster to the Somme

PortraitInscribed on a gravestone in France are the words “Greater Love Hath No Man Than This”. The gravestone belongs to a forgotten hero of Hillingdon, whose story has been barely told in the 100 years after his death. Using the local archives collection of documents as well as genealogy websites such as Ancestry.com, I turned a name and an inscription into a man with a family, a life and a history. Here is his story.

Evelyn Godfrey Worsley was born in 1885 in Hillingdon; he was educated at Oxford before returning to replace his father as headmaster of Evelyn’s School in Colham Green. Two years into World War 1 in 1916 Evelyn signed up to his younger brother’s battalion – 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards. After one month, on the 17th September 1916, Evelyn died from wounds sustained at the battle of the Somme.  He is buried in a Commonwealth Grave in Corbie Cemetery, France. Tragically, a month after Evelyn’s death, his brother, fighting in the same battalion, died at the Somme.

War graves recordProbate record

Lest we forget.

By Lewis (Work Experience from Vyners School).


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