Talking to the Summer Reading Challenge Volunteers



The Big Friendly Read is a very exciting time for libraries. Here at Uxbridge Library we’re hosting 7 large events, 6 weekly challenges and 4 exclusive Big Friendly Game mornings! We couldn’t get all this done without the help of our Summer Reading Challenge volunteers. This year we have Georgie, Maddie and Izzy helping us out.


This is Georgie’s second year helping out with the Summer Reading Challenge. She first helped out last year with the hugely successful Record Breakers challenge. This helped her complete her Duke of Edinburgh award. Another positive from volunteering was that her “confidence grew.” As I interview her Georgie is helping out with the Doodle Bug Challenge, a dice race to draw a bug. “This year”, Georgie points out, “it’s all different mini games and challenges.” That’s because this year the theme is the Big Friendly Read, a celebration of Roald Dahl. Georgie is well suited to this year’s theme as she is a big Roald Dahl fan. I asked her if she had any favourites but she’s such a big fan that she can’t choose between them, “they’re all equally my favourites – I read them over and over again!”

Joining Georgie this year are Maddie and Izzy. These two friends volunteered together and will be regulars over the Summer helping Uxbridge Library with the Summer Reading Challenge events. Both Izzy and Maddie remember doing the Summer Reading Challenge when they were younger, with Izzy having fond memories of doing the challenge in Ruislip and getting bookmarks and stamps. There weren’t any Starborg cards then! Maddie is also a fan of Roald Dahl but doesn’t struggle to pick out The Fantastic Mr. Fox as her favourite. 
We thank our volunteers for all their help during the Big Friendly Read. For more information about the Summer Reading Challenge visit:


By Mark Ulrich


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