13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough -Staff Review

I enjoyed the book and I felt that it was similar to Mean Girls, the movie, with Tasha as the mean girl13minutes-book-cover. I liked Becca, I finished the book in only a few days as I wanted to know how it ends. The book touched on a lot of teen issues and I could see how things get out of hand in the teen world as I have raised 5 teenagers.Especially how social media can magnify a situation and cyber bullying is very common unfortunately.I felt sad when reading this book as I had been bullied when I was in primary school and although a different continent the feelings are the same.I had been bullied because I was a geek and a high achiever and a goody two shoes. I particularly felt for Hannah as she was invisible and I remember when I was teaching, the children I always sought out were those who were quiet and would not stand out for any reason. Teaching staff are overworked with big classes so it is not always possible to give 1-1 attention.

I felt sad for Hannah as she was a good friend to Becca.

Good read that I recommend.


Botwell Green Library


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