Harefield’s Ghost Line


Two Harefield Light Railway Scrapbooks Tell the Story of Harefield’s Ghost Line

From 1921 to 1924 significant plans were made to construct a light railway between Uxbridge and Harefield, following the line of the Grand Junction Canal. In May 1922 the Department of Transport notified local landowners and tenants that their property would be affected; large scale plans were deposited with local authorities. And yet two years later those plans had come to nothing – in part due to the Metropolitan Railway Company, which saw the line as a serious freight competitor.


The story of Harefield’s ghost line is told in two scrapbooks compiled by the Local Development and Light Railway Company, the firm behind the project. They contain over 400 pages of letters, news cuttings, orders and resolutions, and lists of deposited plans.

A must for railway enthusiasts (and any student of ‘what might have been’), they were donated to Hillingdon Local Studies Service this week and are accompanied by historian Keith Piercy’s history of the railway (complete with maps and photographs).


By Paul – Local Studies


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