Jennifer Killick – An Author Interview

Yiewsely Library Volunteer, Brandon, 14, recently interviewed Jennifer Killick, author of Alex Sparrow and the Really Big stink. Alex is a super-agent in training who uses his lie detecting skills to communicate with animals and solve mysteries! Brandon met Jennifer following one of her fantastic creative writing workshops for the Summer Reading challenge.




What inspired you to write this book?

I have always loved stories, especially reading and writing them. However, I was scared that the publishing agency would reject my book. But, when I had my eldest son and this made me strive to push on and inspire others.

This also made me go back to university to study more on literature.

Are you considering writing a new series of books or continuing the current Alex Sparrow series?

I have planned for another book in the Alex Sparrow series to be released next year and will perhaps be creating a new series the following year.

Are you happy with the reviews and success of your book?

So far it has had very good reviews and of course has been selected to be cover


ed in the Summer Reading Challenge running throughout the summer.

Hopefully, the second book in the series will have the same success.

What do you think when you get a reception at a place such as a library where children are always eager to participate in your activities?

I absolutely loves it and that it is really nice, especially if the children smile!

Having your book being is amazing, I hopes that my books will continue to grow rapidly in terms of interest.

Do you hope to write with another author in the near future?

I hope to write a book with other authors, they sometimes check my books to see whether they are ok to publish.

Do you think you will ever stop writing books?

No, I will never stop writing.

I also think that writing keeps me sane and that doing the opposite makes you unhappy as a person.


As a child, was it your aim to write or be an author?

As a child, I was always dreaming about something to with books.

It has also been a massive 15 years since I first started writing.

Was there ever a point where you wanted to stop writing?

There were plenty of points where I didn’t want to write anymore due to the publishing house always changing their minds about publishing my book constantly. Although this may have caused an issue, I persevered.

What do you think is portrayed in your writing?

I think my personality and characteristics come out when writing books, and that I will never stop writing books and that most people think that after reading my book, I am stubborn and determined.

Do you plan on selling books internationally?C673A08A-CD59-4B03-944C-9483C5A4A652

I do hope to expand my ‘business’. However, my humour is very British in my books, but that can be adapted. My books were more about less comedy and having more action.

How did you end up writing books for children?

I wanted to write books for women at first but accidentally started writing for children!

Want to meet Jennifer? Book a place for her workshop at Hayes End library on Friday 6th October 4-5pm by emailing (for ages 8-12)

Copies of Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink are available in Hillingdon Libraries, visit our catalogue here to see where or to place a reservation.


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