My volunteering experience at Northwood Library – Umar

Umar, 14, tells us all about his experience volunteering at Northwood Library this summer, to help with the Summer Reading Challenge…

ND Vol. Umar

“My name is Umar and I am from the US. I came to London this summer to spend time with my family. During that time I wanted to volunteer at the library. I had an amazing time volunteering at Northwood Library. The library was filled with activities for the children to do. The staff were always very helpful and made sure I was busy all the time. At the library there were always kids enjoying books and doing activities. I always enjoyed helping the children with anything they might have needed. The library was very close to where I was staying so I could walk there for my volunteering.

The Summer Reading Challenge at the library was very well set up. The children had a great time coming in each visit for their new prizes. All the children loved collected their Starborgs collectible cards. I enjoyed helping out with the Summer Reading Challenge. My role as a volunteer was mainly to help setting up the Summer Reading Challenge for the children and help out with activities.

Comparing Northwood Library to the libraries we have in the US, I would say the librarians at the UK libraries are much more helpful and care more about the children than in US libraries. Overall I had a wonderful experience working at the library. I always looked forward to coming to the library to volunteer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was nice watching the children enjoying their Summer Reading Challenge prizes and their books. I had a wonderful time volunteering at the library and hopefully the next time I come to London I will come back there.”


Organised by The Reading Agency and libraries throughout the country, the Summer Reading Challenge is aimed at encouraging children aged 4 to 11 to visit the library and read during the summer holidays.


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