The London Borough of Hillingdon Officially Launches The Tovertafel!


The first Tovertafel to be installed in a public library was officially unveiled at Uxbridge Library on Friday 24th November as part of the London Borough of Hillingdon’s commitment to creating a dementia friendly community.


The event was attended by Boris Johnson MP who congratulated Hillingdon Council on its continued commitment to “helping people of all generations with an issue that will only grow larger as people live longer.” Boris particularly enjoyed the “fantastically soothing games” the Tovertafel had to offer, including a puzzle game that encouraged the Foreign Secretary to reminisce with the Dementia Friends group about his grandmother using a Singer sewing machine. The Leader of the Council, Councillor Ray Pudditfoot MBE, thanked Boris for his full support with the project and reiterated the council’s commitment to improving the quality of life for those affected by Dementia.


The Tovertafel is the latest development in the Dementia Alliance, an organisation that consists of 28 organisations, and Hillingdon Library’s own commitment to helping those affected by Dementia. Cherry Bushell of the Alzheimer Society explained the importance of the Tovertafel being in a “public space” like the library as it further encourages a sense of community for Dementia sufferers who can become more socially ostracised.



Daniel Waller, the Head of Library Services, believes that “other boroughs and councils will follow Hillingdon’s lead” in the investment of Tovertafels.




The Tovertafel is a very personal project for C.E.O and founder, . John’s father was diagnosed with dementia at just 52 and John’s own experiences have shown him just how difficult it is to maintain relationships. John explained how the company are committed to “creating moments of happiness and magic.”




The Tovertafel is not just about being happy in the future or past but being happy now, because the more moments of happiness we experience in the day, the better quality of life we have.


The Tovertafel will be a regular feature of the Dementia Friends group that meets every Tuesday at Uxbridge Library. Further announcements will be made about three more Tovertafels that will be introduced across the Hillingdon Library service.


By Mark – Uxbridge Library



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