What’s New on Comic Plus 29/12/17

Hello Comic Readers,

Want to know what’s new on Comic Plus Library Edition?

Here’s a roundup of the new comics available on the Comic Plus Library Edition app. For more information on how you can download comics for free visit:  www.hillingdon.gov.uk/onlineresources.

New Volumes

Don’t like waiting for single issues to come out, why not jump into these collected volumes?


Catalyst Prime: Superb Vol. 1: Life After Fallout

Lion Forge’s Superb has a familiar premise. A meteor shower creates superpowered teenagers in Youngstown, Ohio. After a terrible incident involving the superpowered teenagers the Foresight Corporation takes over Youngstown to capture and regulate any emerging superpowered teenagers. Taking centre stage is the hero Cosmosis. Underneath the name is the teenager Jonah, a young man with Down syndrome and a desire to help people and fight bad guys.


Vampirella Vol #1 Forbidden Fruit573571._SX360_QL80_TTD_

Acclaimed television, comic and novel writer Paul Cornell (perhaps best known for his work on Doctor Who) brings back the legendary Vampirella for more adventures with the mystic and evil.






Jazz Maynard: Vol. 1: The Barcelona Trilogy

A noir inspired comic promising stereophonic action, these sephia filtered pages tell the story of Jazz Maynard as he returns to the slums of Barcelona. Maynard’s skills as a thief and bodyguard have their uses and it isn’t long before he finds himself back in the criminal underworld. Can he ever leave Barcelona again?


Gumby Imagined: The Story of Art Clokey and his Creations f3cd9cc0434fee32f6f4279118d8232f_original

Proving that it’s not all superheroes and moody unshaven men, this comic book tells the story of Art Clokey, creator of the clay animated superstar Gumby.




The Story Continues

These stories aren’t beginning but they are continuing!



Grimm Fairy Tales #11 turns it’s attentions away from fairytales to tackle science fiction with this War of the Worlds inspired issue.






X-O Manowar #10 belongs to the long running Valiant universe. This standalone interlude featuring the armoured emperor of the planet Gorin might be a good stepping in point for anyone new to the character or universe. This might appeal to fans of Iron Man or cosmic comics.


download (1)


The Greatest Adventure #8 continues the bizarre adventures of Edgar Rice Burrough’s heroes and heroines as they team up like the Avengers to battle Martians and dinosaurs. For fans of prehistoric monsters, aliens, Tarzan and John Carter from Mars.




James Bond: Kill Chain #6 is the latest offering in Dynamite’s range of James Bond comics. Can James Bond stop SMERSH and Operation Hooded Falcon? We’re betting he can.





George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings #7 is the latest instalment in Dynamite’s comic adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire. For fans of the television series Game of Thrones who might not want to tackle Martin’s dense prose.




Turok #5 might sound familiar to 90s gamers. The Dinosaur Hunter is back in this series written by Chuck Wendi and Aubrey Sitterson. Expect dinosaurs and violence. And probably more dinosaurs.



download (2)


Eternity #3 is a new instalment in a Valiant series that only started in November. Set in a realm beyond the limits of human perceptions and featuring a cover that looks like Groot with a flower for a head this is sure to be a surreal cosmic adventure.




Ninja-K #2 You probably didn’t know that MI-6 has a covert “Ninja Programme” but then that’s probably the point. Unfortunately for the ninja spies who’ve vowed to serve Queen and country, someone does know, and they’re after every last ninja, including hero Ninja-K. Think Bond but with ninjas.



By Mark


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