4 Books about Jungles

Hello friends,

It’s Bernard the Bear here!

My friends at the Uxbridge Bear Club have been busy exploring the book shelves for 4  books about Jungles!

walking through the jungle

Walking through the jungle

What do you see?

Can you hear a noise?

What could it be?”


fancy dress junble


All the Jungle animals

Love wearing fancy dress.

You’ll love their crazy costumes.

But who’s who? Can you guess?



follow me in the jungle


You’ll never guess what you’ll see in the jungle, especially under the giant fold-out flaps!







monkey see monkey do


We can’t help but turn the pages but watch out! You’ll never know what might come flying towards you! Or slithering…



Want to read some more books about jungles? Visit: http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/libraries


Next week the Uxbridge Library Bear Club will be sharing their favourite books about birthdays! 

Happy New Year to all our Storytime friends! We had a great fun this year. We even got to meet Santa Claus! He gave us lots of books for Christmas.



Want to come along to a Hillingdon Library Storytime?

Visit: http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/libraryevents to find out where your nearest one is.

See you soon,

Bernard the Bear


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