The Greatest Showman Recommendations

Hugh Jackman’s The Greatest Showman is on at cinemas now. Did you like the movie? Would you like to read more about P.T. Barnum or circuses? Why not check out some of our recommendations?



Struggles and Triumphs is the life story of America’s first purveyor of pop culture–a man who indulged in outright chicanery and yet managed to retain an image (most of the time) of unassailable moral rectitude.




In 1886 a mysterious travelling circus becomes an international sensation. Open only at night, constructed entirely in black & white, the Cirque des Rves delights all who wander its circular paths. But behind the scenes a dangerous game is being played out by two young magicians, who are forced to test the limits of the imagination & love.

Longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award 2011.




Barnum P.T

(1810–1891), show man, politician, circus owner, one of America’s premier show-business entrepreneurs.

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Samuel_Root_or_Marcus_Aurelius_Root_-_P.T._Barnum_and_General_Tom_Thumb_-_Google_Art_Project-crop (1).jpg


“I risked much, but I made much.”

A New York Times article from August 29, 1993, on the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport, Conn., stated that while Barnum did not say anything about suckers being born every minute—he did say this.

“P. T. Barnum.” In The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations, edited by Rawson, Hugh, and Margaret Miner. : Oxford University Press, 2006.

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By Mark Ulrich 



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