Bernie Collins Uxbridge Library Art Display

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Welcoming the opportunity to exhibit my art within the context of a ‘recycling’ theme I realised my methods, and the materials I use, are the main reason I was invited. This has raised a dichotomy for me. Could I be accused of celebrating  surplus packaging? This is not my intention.

I am increasingly, like most people, concerned about the environment but it’s not the root motive in my art. A lack of funds has dictated the materials I have used over the years but this has brought great possibility…a freedom to experiment without fear of ruining/wasting expensive products. The realisation that free materials are all around me has unleashed my creativity.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Manipulating “rubbish”  into something beautiful, or at least visually interesting, has been challenging and satisfying. This philosophy of incorporating the mundane everyday stuff into art has a long tradition. Duchamp’s urinal and Warhol’s celebration of packaging challenged perceptions about ‘art’. Picasso, Braque, Hoch, Schwitters and Ruchenberg, to name a few, all used ‘everyday’, ‘found’ materials in their work. They manipulated stuff or selected objects for their intrinsic values…texture, text, shape, pattern ect. We can all do that. It democratises art and I think that’s good.

Feedback over the years has come from all sectors of society, old and young, which has developed my confidence to put it ‘out there’. If my art inspires others I’m happy with that.

Finally, in a time when mobile phones are a main source of visual imagery, the impact of this work (with textures, ‘hand-doneness’ and scale) is its accessibility…right up close, almost intimate, or from across the gallery. It is something ‘different’…even if the subject matter is traditional, a recycling, a reinterpretation of familiar themes.

I’d welcome feedback in my comment book.

Thank you,

B Collins

January 4th 2018

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art please contact me on 07340 373940.


Bernine Collins’ Art Display is currently being exhibited at Uxbridge Library.

For opening hours visit:


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