Bernard Bear’s Books: Counting!

Bernard Bear has been learning about counting this week! Here are his favourite counting books:



Every Bunny Count by Ellie Sandall

Bunnies and foxes learn to count as they play hide-and-seek in this delightful picture book from the author of Everybunny Dance! and Follow Me!, which School Library Journal called “a winsome selection suitable for storytime.”



Maisy’s First 123 by Lucie Cousins

Lovable Maisy Mouse is counting her favourite animals. Help her count one, two, three, four, five… butterflies, tortoises, fizzy fish, swirly snails and one stripy tiger will guide you through your first numbers in this truly delightful Maisy introduction to counting. This gorgeous board book combines bright, vivid colours with embossing and texture, and makes learning about numbers an exciting, tactile adventure! The joyful final spread – a fun-filled menagerie featuring Maisy and all her animal pals – ties everything together and recaps all the numbers you’ve learned one last time. The perfect companion to Maisy’s First Colours, this title forms part of a new series of Maisy look-and-touch board books that reinforce early learning concepts.




10 Juicy Radishes by Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit loves radishes, and so do all the other characters in this entertaining counting book. Poor Peter starts off with ten juicy radishes all to himself, but that doesn’t last long as one bunny after another comes hopping up to snaffle his prize. Luckily, on the last page, Peter finds some juicy lettuces for his lunch. “Ten Juicy Radishes” is a sturdy board book that can be read again and again by even the most boisterous toddlers. As each page is turned, the number of holes in the page – and the number of radishes – goes down, providing a really vivid illustration of the mechanics of counting. With a charming rhyme and gorgeous artwork featuring Beatrix Potter’s most famous characters, this books is also a perfect bedtime read.


9781406347159Duckie’s Ducklings by Frances Barry

It’s time for a swim, but Duckie can’t find her ducklings anywhere. Turn the shaped pages, follow Duckie’s search through the garden, and count the ducklings as they appear on the cut pages. Luckily, Duckie rounds up her brood just in time for a swim in the pond!






None The Number by Oliver Jeffers

The Hueys have an important question about counting in this hilarious new book from international bestselling, award-winning author/illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, creator of How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found and illustrator of The Day the Crayons Quit.

The thing about the Hueys was that they loved numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3. Wait! 0? Is ‘none’ a number?



By Mark – Uxbridge Library 



3 Fun Children’s Books About Pets!

We all love our pets, whether they be cats, dogs, goldfish, crocodiles or monkeys. This week Uxbridge Library’s Bear Club have picked out 3 of their favourite books about pets!


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Polly’s Pet Shop by Nicholas Allan

We love lift-the-flap books and this one features a pet shop! Polly helps Max the Magician, Cowgirl Kate, Pirate Pete and Princess Pam choose pets but what will they choose?


download (5)


Thank You for Looking After Our Pets by Tim Hopgood

A tale full of strange surprises and pets in all shapes and sizes! When your neighbour asks you to look after their pet make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for!


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I Spy Pets by Edward Gibbs

We all love the ‘I Spy’ game so what could be better than a book that combines all the fun of ‘I Spy’ with cute animals?



Find your nearest weekly Storytime at and join in the fun!

Do you have any favourite books about Pets? Let us know in the comments!



By Mark – Uxbridge Library 

5 Top Reads about or by Stephen Hawking

The brilliant Stephen Hawking has passed away aged 76. A brilliant mind who overcame adversity to change the way we perceive the world, Stephen Hawking has left a legacy in words that encourage us to explore the universe. Here are 5 brilliant books either by Stephen Hawkings or about him.

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George and the Blue Moon is an exciting adventure story for children written Stephen and Lucy Hawking. Part of a series of children’s adventures, this one sees George and best friend Anne selected as junior astronauts! Can George and Anne get to the bottom of the strange goings on at Space Camp?




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Against the Odds: Stephen Hawking is part of a series of children’s non-fiction books that tell the true stories of inspiring people who have fought the odds and changed the world around them. This is a great way for children to discover the brilliance of Stephen Hawking.



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Travelling to Infinity by Lucy Hawking is a moving memoir about her marriage to Stephen Hawking, their traumatic divorce and eventual reconciliation.





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My Brief History by Stephen Hawking is an autobiography from the man himself. Candid and witty, this book reveals the man behind the name and his growth into the genius he would become.




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A Brief History of Time is the international bestseller that has inspired millions worldwide to explore theories about time and the cosmos. A brilliant introduction to many scientific theories and perhaps f Hawking’s best known work.






By Mark Ulrich (Uxbridge Library)


Reading Group Review

Botwell Green Library Reading Group braved the snow to meet this afternoon to discuss Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse….. 51Glax6IjZL

Jacks loves her family. Sure, her teenage children can be stroppy, her husband a little lazy, and providing round-the-clock care for her Alzheimer’s-ridden mother is exhausting. She’s sacrificed a lot to provide a safe and loving home, but all she wants is for her children to have a brighter future than she did. So long as Martha, the eldest, gets into university and follows her dreams, all her sacrifice will have been worth something … won’t it?

As a group we all enjoyed this novel from cover to cover and overall we rated the story as good.
We would recommend this book to those who enjoy that genre and would read the author again.
Individual comments include: “I enjoyed it so much, I’ve borrowed another one of the authors books from the library already”
Next month we will be meeting on Friday 6 April at 2pm and discussing Carrie by Stephen King.