5 Top Reads about or by Stephen Hawking

The brilliant Stephen Hawking has passed away aged 76. A brilliant mind who overcame adversity to change the way we perceive the world, Stephen Hawking has left a legacy in words that encourage us to explore the universe. Here are 5 brilliant books either by Stephen Hawkings or about him.

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George and the Blue Moon is an exciting adventure story for children written Stephen and Lucy Hawking. Part of a series of children’s adventures, this one sees George and best friend Anne selected as junior astronauts! Can George and Anne get to the bottom of the strange goings on at Space Camp?




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Against the Odds: Stephen Hawking is part of a series of children’s non-fiction books that tell the true stories of inspiring people who have fought the odds and changed the world around them. This is a great way for children to discover the brilliance of Stephen Hawking.



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Travelling to Infinity by Lucy Hawking is a moving memoir about her marriage to Stephen Hawking, their traumatic divorce and eventual reconciliation.





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My Brief History by Stephen Hawking is an autobiography from the man himself. Candid and witty, this book reveals the man behind the name and his growth into the genius he would become.




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A Brief History of Time is the international bestseller that has inspired millions worldwide to explore theories about time and the cosmos. A brilliant introduction to many scientific theories and perhaps f Hawking’s best known work.






By Mark Ulrich (Uxbridge Library)



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