Uxbridge Bear Club Book Review: Tree Week

This week in Bear Club at Uxbridge Library we are reading books about trees! We all love trees at Bear Club, especially treehouses, climbing trees and yummy syrup from maple trees. Did you know we also have a super art exhibition called A Celebration of Trees running until 22nd June?  


Albert’s Tree By Jenni Desmond


image5 (2)

Albert the bear loves lazing about on his favourite tree. One day the tree starts crying so Albert and his friends try lots of different ways to cheer the tree up including feeding it some yummy grass and giving it a big bear hug. In the end we found out that the crying tree was actually a little owl living inside it…“AAARH!” screamed Albert. “You’re the tree!” “…I’m not a tree,” said Owl. “I’m Owl.”


Where’s My Teddy? By Jez Alborough


Poor Eddie and bear have lost their teddies! We all giggled during this tale of a little boy and a big bear who discover each other’s lost teddies in the woods. Eddie ends up with bear’s massive teddy and bear ends up with Eddie’s tiny teddy which looked especially cute and mini next to big bear.    


That’s Not My Squirrel… By Usborne Books


We all loved this interactive board book, finding the different squirrels hiding in the trees. We especially enjoyed feeling their furry ears and fluffy tails.


We would love you to join us at Uxbridge Library for stories and nursery rhymes at Bear Club which we run every Monday 11am to 11.30am and Thursday and Friday 2pm to 2.30pm. To book your free place call us on 01895 250714 or pop in and speak to a member of staff. Next week’s theme is the great outdoors!


Photographs of the exhibition A Celebration of Trees running at Uxbridge Library until 22nd June 2018.

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All book images from http://www.amazon.co.uk



By Sarah (Uxbridge Library)


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