Hear me Roar – I am a Tiger !!!

Roksana from Hillingdon Libraries has created a wonderful tiger craft inspired by the tiger in the fantastic picture book “I am a Tiger’’ by  Karl Newson.

It is an amazing book with a hilarious story about an imaginative tiny mouse who wants to be a tiger. It is full of colourful and funny illustrations of animals that children will definitely fall in love with. 

Why not read“I am a Tiger’’ by  Karl Newson  and then, create this lovely tiger craft?


  • orange card
  • 2 googly eyes 
  • glue 
  • scissors
  • black marker

1)  Take a half of an orange A4 card and roll it up to create your tiger’s body. 

2)  Cut out two pointy ears from the other half of the A4 orange card. An adult should help when using scissors, if necessary. 

3) Take a black marker and colour the inner parts of the ears black.

3) Stick the ears to the tiger’s head.

7) Stick a pair of googly eyes to the tiger’s face. Remember, googly eyes are small parts – take care if you have preschool children at home. You may want to draw the eyes on, instead.

8) Take a black marker and draw a nose, a smiley mouth and some whiskers on your tiger’s face. 

4) Draw tiger’s stripes using the black marker.

6) Cut a tiger’s tail out of the remaining piece of the orange card. 

7) Take the black maker and draw tiger’s stripes on its tail.

7) Stick the tiger’s tail to the back of its body.

Finally, your tiger is ready and you can play with it. 

Roksana’s cute piggy bookmark – inspired by the book ‘Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig’ by Emer Stamp

Roksana from Hillingdon Libraries created this beautiful pig bookmark inspired by the piggy from an excellent book, ”Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig” by Emer Stamp.

It is a fabulous book with a hilarious story and brilliant characters that will certainly make children laugh and fall in love with this book and its superb illustrations.  

Thus, why not to read ”Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig” by Emer Stamp. and then, create this lovely piggy bookmark?

Remember, there’s still time to join this year’s Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge! Find out all about how to sign-up here.


  • 2 googly eyes
  • lollipop stick
  • pink paint
  • pink card
  • 1 small pink button
  • glue
  • scissors

1) Take a lollipop stick and paint it pink. It is going to be your pig’s body.

2)  Cut two pig’s ears out of a piece of pink card. An adult should help when using scissors, if necessary.

3) Stick the ears to the top of the lollipop stick.

4) Stick a pair of googly eyes to the lollipop stick. Remember, googly eyes and buttons are small parts – take care if you have preschool children at home. You may want to draw the eyes on, instead.

6) Take a pink button and stick it below the pig’s eyes.

Finally, your piggy bookmark is ready and you use it to mark the last page you read.

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Book Bunch: ‘How To Survive Summer Camp’ by Jacqueline Wilson (Week 4: September 1st)

Introducing our Digital Children’s Book of the Month: How To Survive Summer Camp by legendary author Jacqueline Wilson. This title is available for free audio download now, plus we’ve been posting fun new activities every week! 

This is our last post for the summer, but if you’ve been enjoying our books and activities, please keep a look out for new events from us. We are planning to run g a Zoom children’s book club in the new school year: watch this space!

In How To Survive Summer Camp, we meet Stella, who has been unceremoniously not invited to her own mum’s honeymoon! Instead she has to face terrifying trouble like swimming lessons and awful new frenemies like Karen and Louise on a surprise trip to summer camp.

As someone who borrowed heaps of Jacqueline Wilson books from the library as a child – and absolutely hated swimming lessons – I’m super excited for this month’s pick!

This is a lovely short novel that we have available as an audiobook for free loan on BorrowBox, the digital library app. With a three hour reading time, it’s ideal for a summer holiday road trip or a lazy afternoon at home!

To borrow your digital copy, all you have to do is install our BorrowBox app, sign in and download. Find out how here.

Recent research suggests that 25% of boys and 22% of girls have been using audiobooks more often recently. This type of book might particularly help boys, according to the National Literacy Trust, whose survey also showed that 51% of boys questioned have become more interested in reading because of using audiobooks. 

This title would also be a wonderful pick for any child who is taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge this year, which is all happening online and which you can find out about on our website here

If you’re new to our book club, you can find our first week’s activities for this book here and our second week’s activities here and our third week’s activities here.

Abbie’s HTSSC Word Search  

This week, Abbie from Hillingdon Libraries has created this brand new word search, full of How To Survive Summer Camp words! A perfect little activity for fans of the book.

We Want Reviews!

We’re very excited to hear what people think about this month’s book, How To Survive Summer Camp. We would love to hear children’s thoughts, the best review of the week will earn a special certificate. 

Kids could write a review, or even record a video or audio review. We’d love to see children’s most creative work. 

If you would like to share your children’s work with us, so we can show it off to the world, please do! We will assume work is okay for us to share on social media, unless you label your message ‘do not share.’ 

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