Debbie’s Christmas Craft let’s make a Snowman!

Snowman for Older Children

You will need:

2 sheets of white card

Black card

Assorted buttons (or small circles of card)

Pipe cleaners or ribbon

Googly eyes (if you have them)


Rounded Scissors

Using one of the pieces of white card, cut two circles, one smaller than the other. Then fold the edge of the larger circle underneath about 2 cm. Stick the two circles together as shown below.

Cut a hat shape from the piece of black card.

Stick the hat onto the head. It doesn’t have to be straight.

Decorate your snowman. Glue on googly eyes if you have them, if not draw the eyes on. I used orange buttons glued on top of one another to make a nose. If you don’t have buttons then draw a nose on. The mouth was made from black card cut with a hole punch and glued on.

The scarf was a glittery pipe cleaner bent to shape and glued on. You could also use ribbon, or even draw the scarf on. Stick buttons onto the body of the snowman; any colour and number can be used. If you don’t have buttons, then draw them on.

Decorate the hat with the second pipe cleaner, or ribbon, or whatever you have. There is no limit to your imagination. Use the second piece of white card to make a support for your snowman to stand up.

Enjoy making your snowman!

Due to the small parts used, care should be taken if there are preschool children in your household.

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