Debbie’s Santa Craft

You will need:

White card or paper

Red card or paper

Cotton wool

Crayon to draw eyes (I could not resist using googly eyes but we advise that younger children draw them)

Rounded Scissors – If you do not have rounded scissors ask your adult to cut out all the shapes for you first. Then you can have all the fun sticking it together. If you are very little then you could just ask your adult to draw the Santa shape on the card or paper and you can stick on cotton wool etc or just colour in Santa.

Non toxic glue stick

Cut a circle from the white card. Cut a hat shape as shown above from the red card. Cut a circle from red card for the nose.

Stick the hat onto the circle of card, covering about 1/3 of the circle

Stick on the nose and draw the eyes.

Glue a round ball of cotton wool to the end of the hat and a strip of cotton wool to the bottom of the hat. Glue a beard of cotton wool to your Santa and he is finished.

As with all small parts, care should be taken – especially with preschool children.

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