Two craft activities from Debbie for Easter.

Easter Card 

You will need: 

Green card 

White card 

Yellow card 

Paints, felt pens or colouring pencils (non-toxic options) 

Scissors – round end, or ask you adult to cut the shapes out for you and you can have all the fun putting it together.

Glue (non-toxic) 

1.  Cut about 1cm from one long edge and one short edge of the white sheet of card.  Fold in half.  Draw an egg shape onto the front.  Draw your chosen design onto the egg.  The only limit is your imagination.

2.  Colour in your egg.  I used paint pens, but you could use any sort of colouring materials.  From the yellow card make a chick like the one shown below.  The circle for the body was about 6cm diameter and the one for the head was about 4cm diameter.  I used small scraps of red card for the beak and legs.  Orange card was used for the wings, but you could use any colours you like. 

3.   Now take the green card and fold in half. On the inside write your message and glue the chick onto the opposite half.  Glue the white card onto the outside of the green card and your Easter Card is finished. 

Easter Bunny Headband 

You will need: 

2 sheets fairly stiff white card 

Pink card 



1.  Take one of your white sheets of card and cut two strips about 8cm deep and 29cm (the length of the card) long.  Cut a nose from pink card as shown and glue onto the middle of one of the strips of card.  If you don’t have pink card then draw the nose on and colour it in.  Cut two teeth from white card as shown and glue to the underside of the card as shown.  I have glued on googly eyes but if have pre school children in your household then draw eyes straight onto the card.   

2.  Cut two ears from white paper.  Mine were about 20cm high and 5cm wide.  Cut smaller inserts from pink card.  Again, if you don’t have pink card you could draw the inner ears straight onto the white card and colour in.  Glue the ears to the inside of the piece of card with the eyes and nose etc on it.  This is much easier to do before attaching the other piece of card to make the headband.  Take your second strip of white card and join the ends to the piece with the ears on to make a headband.  Before you glue the second joint, make sure the headband fits whoever is going to wear it.   

3. Your Headband is now finished…

Warning: due to the small parts use caution with this craft if there are pre school children in your household. 

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