Hedgehog Awareness week is here and Debbie has created a craft activity to celebrate.

There is a host of information about Hedgehogs on the British Hedgehog Preservation Societies website just click here to have a look https://bit.ly/3nKud6E

For the Hedgehog craft you will need…

Kitchen roll centre 

Blue card 

Green card (two different greens if you have them) 

White card 

Small amount of yellow and red paper 

Black pen 

Brown paper or paint 

Wooden lolly stick 

Scissors (rounded end)

Glue  (non toxic)


1.  Cut about 10cm from your kitchen roll centre. Cover with brown paper or paint brown.  Draw lines on similar to those below. 

 2. Draw a hedgehog onto card.  The hedgehog must be small enough to fit into your tube.  Colour your hedgehog.  

3. Draw a tree and cut out.  If you have brown paper or card, use that for the trunk, if not, cut the whole tree from green paper or card and paint the trunk.  Cut small circles of red paper and glue on to the tree.  Handy tip: use a hole punch and retrieve the circles from the collection tray.

4. Cut a bush shape from green card and glue small yellow circles on it. 

5. Using a different shade of green card if you have it, cut spikes of grass as shown.  My piece of card started off about 10cm high and 21cm wide.

6. Glue your hedgehog to the wooden stick or strip of card.  

7. Glue the tree, bush and grass onto the blue card as shown. 

8. Glue the log into place and put your hedgehog into his log hidey hole. 

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