Mental Health Awareness Week Things that give me hope

Inspired by our talk with Jonny Benjamin and Britt Pflüger about The Book of Hope, Mark looks at things that give him hope.

There’s a wonderful line in a Josh Ritter song, Thin Blue Flame, that says “you need faith for the same reasons that it’s so hard to find.” Later in the same song the protagonist declares “Cause it’s hell to believe there ain’t a hell of a chance.” It’s a song about faith and where to find it but it might just as well be about hope. Hope requires optimism, just as faith requires belief, and losing that optimism and feeling hopeless is a terrifying prospect.

The Book of Hope feels a bit like a rally cry for hope. 101 different voices from politicians to athletes making the case for hope and sharing where they find it. The book also makes the case for thinking about what gives us hope and writing it down so that one day, when we really need hope, we can find it.

5 Things that give me hope:

  1. Doctor Who – The question in the title has never fully been answered, and probably never will, but Hope is as good an answer as any. Where there’s monsters in the universe there’s the Doctor who’ll set things right. That’s not to say there won’t be difficulties or even tragedies along the way, but in the end someone arrives in a TARDIS, fights the monsters and gives you just enough hope to carry on.
  2. Ducks – I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s in the way that animals have sensibly never progressed to stressing about things like exams or deadlines, or maybe it’s just the way they waddle.
  3. Rain – Sure, it’s miserable being caught out in it, but it always ends.
  4. Books – Books are really universes bound in fancy covers. The way the author perceives the world, their life and the universe is bound up in what they’ve written, and a book is that universe with sentences to guide the reader through it. Picking up a book let’s you in to other ways of perceiving the world and other ways of living in it.
  5. Libraries – Aside from probably being contractually obliged to say this (I’m not really) I do genuinely believe that libraries are buildings of hope.

You can watch our interview with Jonny Benjamin and Britt Pflüger on The Book of Hope live at 7pm on Monday 10 May or watch it later on our Facebook page.

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