Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is all about connecting with nature. One great way to connect with nature and improve your wellbeing is by walking. Here are some of the great walks in our borough that will help you discover, explore and enjoy some our beautiful parks and green spaces and historic sites.

Celandine Walks

A 12 mile walk (that can be broken down into smaller section), the Celandine walk starts at Pinner Station and is signposted with the celandine symbol. Along the way you’ll discover many wonderful green spaces such as Eastcote House Gardens, Pinn Meadow, Pynchester Moat, Swakeleys Park, and Dowding Park. There are also historical landmarks to be found including the Manor Farm Site, 14th century Church of St John the Baptist and Swakeleys House. Look out for the Lesser Celandine along the way, yellow star-shaped flowers. You can find out more about these cheerful flowers at the Woodland Trust website.

Hillingdon Trail

A 20 mile walk that takes you through Hillingdon’s beautiful countryside. It starts at Cranford Park (where you’ll discover the impressive Stables Block) before passing the Grand Union Canal, Yeading Brook, Gutteride Woods, the River Pinn, Ruislip Lido, Copse Wood, Bayhurst Wood and finally finishing up at Harefield Locks. A wonderful way to enjoy Hillingdon’s many woods and green spaces.

Ruislip Woods Walk

Explore Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve, the biggest single area of woodland in Greater London. You’ll discover all manner of different trees including Silver Birch, Oaks and Hazel.

Willow Tree Wander

Not only is this walk wonderfully named, it’s also signposted with willow leaves. Along the way you’ll discover exotic trees in Yeading Brook Open Space, a ‘fairytale’ style bridge leading to a small nature conservation area, an ancient highway and Ickenham Marshes.

You can find more information about walks in Hillingdon at

By Mark (Ickenham Library)

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