Young Carers – “Me Time” Project

Debbie at Harlington Library has put together a couple of fun absorbing craft projects for younger carers, that can be split to fit into small time windows or done in one sitting. Of course you can always get together and spend some fun family time working on them too. There are two projects - The… Continue reading Young Carers – “Me Time” Project


It is National Carers week and if you want to show your appreciation for someone who helps you why not follow Debbie's instructions to create a balloon filled card. You will need:  Coloured card - lots of colours Round ended scissors  Non-toxic glue  Pencil  Pen  Ruler  1. I decided that my card would be yellow and white.  Fold the yellow piece… Continue reading A BIG THANK YOU 🙂

Hedgehog Awareness week is here and Debbie has created a craft activity to celebrate.

There is a host of information about Hedgehogs on the British Hedgehog Preservation Societies website just click here to have a look For the Hedgehog craft you will need... Kitchen roll centre  Blue card  Green card (two different greens if you have them)  White card  Small amount of yellow and red paper  Black pen  Brown… Continue reading Hedgehog Awareness week is here and Debbie has created a craft activity to celebrate.

Two craft activities from Debbie for Easter.

Easter Card  You will need:  Green card  White card  Yellow card  Paints, felt pens or colouring pencils (non-toxic options)  Scissors - round end, or ask you adult to cut the shapes out for you and you can have all the fun putting it together. Glue (non-toxic)  1.  Cut about 1cm from one long edge and one short edge of… Continue reading Two craft activities from Debbie for Easter.

The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice from the Silence of Autism by Naoki Higashida

Book Review by Morwenna from Harlington Library to mark Autism awareness Week 2021. Naoki Higashida wrote his best-selling book, The Reason I Jump, when he was just thirteen years old. Being unable to speak aloud, Higashida writes using an alphabet grid – a table of letters which he would point at, to then be transcribed by a helper. This method of communication gave Higashida a way to express himself and communicate with… Continue reading The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice from the Silence of Autism by Naoki Higashida

Three St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

Follow Debbie's instructions for three fun craft activities, including a four leaf clover hat, card and leprechaun! 🍀 Warning: due to the small parts, use caution with this craft if there are pre-school children in your household, use paper alternatives rather than buttons, googly eyes etc. Enjoy! And we'd love to see pictures of your crafts on… Continue reading Three St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children