Refugee Week: Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, original name Farrokh Bulsara, was one of the most beloved British rock singers of all time. Born to Parsi parents who had emigrated from India to Zanzibar, Freddie Mercury and his family would move once again in 1964 when Zanzibar became part of the independent country of Tanzania. It was in his new… Continue reading Refugee Week: Freddie Mercury

My Refugee Ancestors

DNA testing within ancestry research is a useful tool in providing a scientific answer to our geographical origins. Although interesting, it doesn’t replace the personal details found in a paper trail, as I discovered when researching my family history.   My own initial search was over 10 years ago but had stalled at an 1837 marriage record with the surname Conteto. This was the year when legislation was passed for the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths. I found additional information in the Decennial Census records, a useful source where 1841 to 1911 is currently available and with 1921 due to be added next… Continue reading My Refugee Ancestors

Refugee Week: Sir Alec Issigonis

Even if you don't know who Sir Alec Issigonis is, you're almost certainly familiar with his work. The son of a Greek merchant, Sir Alec immigrated to London during the war between Greece and Turkey in 1922. He joined Morris Motors in 1936. While there he developed the Morris Minor, the first all-British car to… Continue reading Refugee Week: Sir Alec Issigonis

Refugee Week: Celebrating Refugee Week with Preschoolers

As parents and educators, we are often uncomfortable about sharing the “big topics” with our young children. Sometimes we want to protect them from sadness, or from situations that we feel that they do not need to know about. Young children do not generally have the life experiences to understand what might be happening in the world around them, but… Continue reading Refugee Week: Celebrating Refugee Week with Preschoolers

Let’s read about nature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021!

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week theme is 'Nature'. Nature is a central part of our physical and psychological health, and a greater connection to the world around us can really help to improve our overall wellbeing. Nature is a great resource for a mentally healthy future, and it turns out that how we open… Continue reading Let’s read about nature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021!

Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week is all about connecting with nature. One great way to connect with nature and improve your wellbeing is by walking. Here are some of the great walks in our borough that will help you discover, explore and enjoy some our beautiful parks and green spaces and historic sites. Celandine… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks