Greek Orthodox Easter Craft

Eastern Christianity recognises a different date for Easter because they follow the Julian calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is widely used by most countries today. Great Britain changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. The Julian Calendar was proposed by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, in which the year consisted of 365… Continue reading Greek Orthodox Easter Craft

Three St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

Follow Debbie's instructions for three fun craft activities, including a four leaf clover hat, card and leprechaun! 🍀 Warning: due to the small parts, use caution with this craft if there are pre-school children in your household, use paper alternatives rather than buttons, googly eyes etc. Enjoy! And we'd love to see pictures of your crafts on… Continue reading Three St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

Gardens around the world to visit from home

Sadly foreign travel is unlikely to be possible for the vast majority this year but for garden lovers there are some beautiful gardens around the world that we can visit this summer without leaving home. Monet’s garden at Giverny Surely the most famous and best-loved garden in France, Monet’s garden is of interest to art… Continue reading Gardens around the world to visit from home

The World is a Beautiful Place

We switch on the news, check social media, speak to our friends and the one thing that dominates every conversation is Coronavirus. You find yourself waiting to see how many have died today, in hospital out of hospital, you want to hear good news stories but they rarely are. Stay at home, go to work,… Continue reading The World is a Beautiful Place

Gardening is Good For You

Recently there has been much emphasis on improving mental wellbeing and one activity that has been highlighted as being beneficial is gardening. Lockdown has forced us to concentrate on our immediate surroundings more than ever before and anything we can do to improve them, which also makes us feel good, is definitely worth doing. People… Continue reading Gardening is Good For You

“Oh the places you’ll go!” The weirdest and coolest places you can visit online!

‘Oh, the places you’ll go’ was the last book to be published by Dr. Seuss shortly before his death and was about the challenges you encounter during your life’s journey and seizing those opportunities whilst you can to experience new things. So what better title for our current situation where holidays have been cancelled, travel… Continue reading “Oh the places you’ll go!” The weirdest and coolest places you can visit online!

Cookery books & Cooking during Coronavirus

I love cookery books, always have done, but with the popularity of internet recipe sites, food bloggers and vloggers could they become a thing of the past? Nowadays you can find a recipe for anything you desire within seconds online so will cookery books slowly disappear? I certainly hope not! Cookery books are wonderful things.… Continue reading Cookery books & Cooking during Coronavirus

Things to do in lockdown #3 – The Great Indoors

Books to Ease Your mind and Inspire you during Lockdown Whilst stuck indoors it is natural to hanker after trips to the countryside, walks along the coast, or even picnics in the local park. This must be especially true for parents stuck at home attempting to home school. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the indoors… Continue reading Things to do in lockdown #3 – The Great Indoors

Things to do in lockdown #1 – Spine Poetry!

  Have you heard of book spine poetry? I must confess, I had never heard of it until I started working for the library service. The idea is very simple, you find your words from book titles so you don’t have to write anything from scratch. Using a selection of books, stack them one on… Continue reading Things to do in lockdown #1 – Spine Poetry!