Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week is all about connecting with nature. One great way to connect with nature and improve your wellbeing is by walking. Here are some of the great walks in our borough that will help you discover, explore and enjoy some our beautiful parks and green spaces and historic sites. Celandine… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

Young Adult Fiction & Mental Health

by Brady Clark Young Adult fiction and the subject of mental health go hand in hand. Many writers are finding new stories to tell as stigmas are broken, more about psychological illness is understood and the gateway for a discussion about depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other conditions is continually widening. More than this, writers… Continue reading Young Adult Fiction & Mental Health

How to help your loved one through depression

Covid-19 has killed almost 40,000 people and caused severe illnesses in thousands of others in the UK. The virus has had a devastating impact on the NHS and on the economy.  But as the government gradually lifts lockdown restrictions, the toll of the virus on mental health is becoming more and more apparent. GP surgeries… Continue reading How to help your loved one through depression