Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week is all about connecting with nature. One great way to connect with nature and improve your wellbeing is by walking. Here are some of the great walks in our borough that will help you discover, explore and enjoy some our beautiful parks and green spaces and historic sites. Celandine… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week: Connect with Nature through Local Walks

Gardens around the world to visit from home

Sadly foreign travel is unlikely to be possible for the vast majority this year but for garden lovers there are some beautiful gardens around the world that we can visit this summer without leaving home. Monet’s garden at Giverny Surely the most famous and best-loved garden in France, Monet’s garden is of interest to art… Continue reading Gardens around the world to visit from home

Gardens to visit from home

During lockdown we have been enjoying and appreciating our own gardens and local parks.  For many of us the spring and summer are times when we like to travel and visit attractive gardens and stately homes with lovely grounds, things which are not very easy to do at present.  However, all is not lost!  There… Continue reading Gardens to visit from home

The Manor Farm Complex – Ruislip

This week I have been exploring the Manor Farm site in Ruislip.  At the other end of Ruislip High Street to the station this was the ancient administrative centre of the manor of Ruislip and dates back to medieval times.  From 1096 until 1404 Ruislip was owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Bec in Normandy. … Continue reading The Manor Farm Complex – Ruislip

Discovering Hillingdon – Pynchester Moat

A medieval moated site   On my daily walks I am lucky to often walk alongside the River Pinn and the site of Pynchester Moat. This sparked my interest to find out more. According to Historic England, around 6,000 moated sites are known in England. They consist of wide ditches, often or seasonally water-filled, partly… Continue reading Discovering Hillingdon – Pynchester Moat

Eastcote House Gardens – Discovering Hillingdon

During this period of lockdown my walk often takes me to Eastcote House Gardens, a beautiful green space with a historic walled garden, wild flower meadows, a Jubilee orchard, listed buildings and a footbridge over the River Pinn to Long Meadow, an ancient water meadow.  The gardens are owned by the London Borough of Hillingdon… Continue reading Eastcote House Gardens – Discovering Hillingdon

Local Walks in Hillingdon

I always enjoy a walk in the countryside, backpack on, flask at hand and, of course, a camera or ‘phone to capture those all important memories. This has previously meant driving out and walking for the day, hopefully with a pub stop along the way or at the end of the walk. Of course, we’re… Continue reading Local Walks in Hillingdon